Alex Sipiagin's ArtistShare Project
Witness the process as Alex Sipiagin prepares for a new recording that will be made available July 15th, 2007. Access the Alex Sipiagin ArtistShare experience through Participant Offers and enjoy the experience as he composes new works for the recording and simultaneously explores the influences that flow through him.

Take a back seat to Alex as he develops several new compositions for his latest recording and discover what has musically inspired and brought him to this point in his creative life. Along the way you will come to know Alex Sipiagin, the musican and composer, in a deeper way than ever before. Through his candid commentary he will share insights to his work both past and present. His downloads, streaming media shows, journals, galleries and more will help you travel with Alex from his early days composing for the recording session to the actual release of the CD.

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2013 Update
Russian Translation of Out of the Circle 2006
Downloadable file of Russian translation of project and participant offers
Composer Participant
This package IS designed for those who are interested in my pre-existing compositions, as well as allowing a bird's eye view of the new compositions as they form and progress for "Out of the Circle."

You will immediately be able to download a...
Alex Sipiagin Collector Participant
This is a wonderful package for those of you who perhaps have decided to begin collecting my previously released solo material.

It is my pleasure and honor to present to you all that I am offering for this special package, which as you can...
Trumpet Player Participant
This is a great package designed for those of you who are interested in sharing my trumpet and jazz technique and exercises.

As you can see from the list, the lessons are separated into 2 sessions, each providing audio lecture and...